Time series articles

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Horizontal scalability in Gnocchi

One of the reasons behind the choice of Gnocchi as time series database to study was its naturally provided horizontal scalability. At the moment of making that choice I was relying only on the official documentation. Now it's a good moment to come back and analyze the horizontal scalability by myself. Continue Reading →

Gnocchi architecture

Understanding the architecture is the key of working properly with any distributed system. It's why the series of post about Gnocchi starts by exploring its components. Continue Reading →

Choosing time-series database for study

In order to learn a new thing, nothing better than try it. However in some cases the choice of the tool to study is not easy. It's especially true in the context of data storage and though also in the context of time-series databases introduced in one of previous posts. Continue Reading →

Time series - general notes

Temporal data is a little bit particular. It can be generated very frequently, as for instance every 500 ms or less. It's then important to store it efficiently and to allow quick and flexible reads. It's also important to know the specificities of time-series as a popular case of temporal data. Continue Reading →