What's new on the cloud for data engineers - part 11 (06-09.2023)

It's time for another part of "What's new on the cloud for data engineers". Let's see what happened in the last 4 months.

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This 11th part covers all that happened between 28.05.2023 and 16.09.2023. As previously, I highlighted the most interesting news.

tl;nr. The blog post includes all major changes on the data engineering-like services. If you don't have time passing through all of them, you can find a short list of my top picks for that period:

  1. AWS: Managed Apache Flink in EMR.
  2. AWS: Timestamp-based starting position for Lambda on Apache Kafka.
  3. AWS: Support for querying Apache Iceberg tables
  4. Azure: Entra ID is the new name for Azure Active Directory.
  5. Azure: General availability of the auto-scaling for Stream Analytics jobs.
  6. GCP: Data clean rooms for a simplified data sharing on BigQuery.
  7. GCP: Preview of BigQuery Studio for enhanced data discovery experience.
  8. GCP: Pub/Sub direct synchronization with GCS.
  9. GCP: Event-driven transfers for Storage Transfer Service.





Data Sync

Database Migration Service









Cache for Redis

Cosmos DB

Data Explorer

Database Migration

Event Grid




SQL Database

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