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CASE - SQL if-else

CASE operator is maybe one of the most unknown by the beginner users of SQL. Often when I see a question how to write an if-else condition in a SQL query, some people advise to write a UDF and use if-else directly inside. As you will see in this post, this solution is a little bit overkill though. Continue Reading →

EXISTS operator in SQL

Years ago when I started to work as a software engineer, I was overusing IN/NOT IN operator. One day, one of my colleagues suggested me to replace it in some queries by EXISTS/NOT EXISTS. And it helped to improve the performances of these queries. If among you are some people like "me years ago", I prepared this short post introducing to EXISTS/NOT EXISTS operator by comparing it to IN/NOT IN one. Continue Reading →


I have already described grouping sets feature in the context of Apache Spark. But natively they are a part of SQL standard and that's why I would like to extend the previous post here. After all, you don't need Big Data to use them - even though nowadays it's difficult to not to deal with it. Continue Reading →

Minus/except operator in SQL

Last time we've discovered the INTERSECT operator. To recall it quickly, it returns all rows that are defined in the combined datasets. Today we'll discover another operator, doing the opposite and called depending on the vendor: MINUS or EXCEPT. Continue Reading →

SQL and intersect operation

Thanks to modern Big Data solutions like BigQuery or Apache Spark SQL, the knowledge of the advanced SQL concepts is important. After covering the operations like window functions or grouping sets, it's time to show another interesting SQL feature, the INTERSECT operator. Continue Reading →

Window functions in SQL

Window functions are one of another SQL features that we'll probably discover during the work with data-oriented application. They can be also used in more classical programs though. Continue Reading →

Hierarchical queries

SQL hides for the most of its daily users a lot of interesting and powerful functions that though are not used very frequently. One of them are hierarchical queries. Continue Reading →

Correlated subqueries

Even though the RDBMS is more and more completed (replaced?) by NoSQL solutions, it still remains an important piece of the data processing. It's even more true with the distributed databases as BigQuery supporting SQL standards so the correlated subqueries. But they're also implemented in other Big Data engines as Spark SQL or more classical ones as PostgreSQL. Continue Reading →