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Graph mining

Because of its connected nature, graph structure has its own branch in data mining. Thanks to this branch we can get insight into relationships and dependencies between vertices. Continue Reading →

Graph partitioning

As told many times in previous posts, one of the most challenging tasks in distributed graph processing is the partitioning. Connected nature of the graph components makes the partitioning hard. Hopefully, the researchers continue to propose the solutions. Continue Reading →

Graph storage

Until now we've discovered exclusively the concepts devoted to computing distributed graphs. But the compute part can't go without storage. And since for the latter in the context of graph we can't talk about the storage, it requires its own detailed explanation. Continue Reading →

Graph algorithms in distributed world - part 1

During last weeks we've discovered a lot about graph data processing in distributed world. However we haven't learned yet about the problems the graphs can solve. And it's as important as the knowledge about the processing techniques. Hopefully, this post will try to catch up this late. Continue Reading →

Streaming and graph processing

Use cases of streaming surprise me more and more. In my recent research about graph processing in Big Data era I found a paper presenting the graph framework working on vertices and edges directly from a stream. In case you've missed that paper I'll try to present this idea to you. Continue Reading →

Vertex-centric graph processing

Graph data processing, even though seems to be less popular than streaming or files processing, is an important member of data-oriented systems. And as its "colleagues", it also has some different processing logics. The first described in this blog is called vertex-centric. Continue Reading →

Graphs and data processing

In this blog I've covered the topics about relational databases, key-value stores, search engines or log systems. There are still some storage systems deserving some learning effort and one of them are graphs considered here in the context of data processing. Continue Reading →