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Pure tests in programming are not a single way to check if the code is correct. Theories are another method, introduced already some time ago. Continue Reading →

Advanced tests with Cucumber

The possibility to configure Cucumber test cases with @CucuomberOptions annotation is not a single one advanced feature. In Cucumber we can also go further and, for example, read Date objects directly from cases descriptions or group similar tests together thanks to tags. Continue Reading →

Configuring tests with @CucumberOptions

Cucumber is very popular framework to define BDD tests. Clear division helps to write them quickly and maintain easily. In additionally, it contains some of useful configurable options, such as output formatting or file sources definition. Continue Reading →

Introduction to behaviour-driven development

When we are young, the pleasure of delivery features are so big that we ignore testing phase. The pleasure of writing tests comes with age when we can see that they help to maintain clean code. One of the most popular acronyms promoting tests is TDD (Test-Driven Development). However, it's not the single one because it has a complementary brother called BDD. Continue Reading →

Some myths about integration testing

Well decomposed application's code is testable very easily through unit tests. However, unit tests don't guarantee that these code snippets mixed together will work correctly. For this kind of check we should use integration tests. Tests which nobody likes... Continue Reading →