Data engineering on Azure articles

Data pipeline patterns with Azure Data Factory

Almost 2 years ago (already!), I wrote a blog post about data pipeline patterns in Apache Airflow (link in the "Read also" section). Since then I have worked with other data orchestrators. That's why I would like to repeat the same exercise but for Azure Data Factory.

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Azure Data Factory control flows in Apache Airflow

How to orchestrate your data pipelines on the cloud? Often, you will have a possibility to use managed Open Source tools like Cloud Composer on GCP or Amazon Managed Workflows for Apache Airflow on AWS. Sometimes, you will need to use cloud services like for Azure and its Data Factory orchestrator. Is it complicated to create Data Factory pipelines with the Apache Airflow knowledge? We'll see that in this blog post.

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My journey to Azure Data Engineer Associate

I'm happy to complete my quest for data engineering certification on top of 3 major cloud providers. Last year I became AWS Big Data certified, in January a GCP Data Engineer, and more recently, I passed DP-200 and DP-201 and became an Azure Data Engineer Associate. Although DP-203 will soon replace the 2 exams, I hope this article will help you prepare for it!

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