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Hi there,

My name is Bartosz Konieczny and welcome to my blog. I'm a software engineer focused mainly on data engineering, public cloud providers, JVM platform and NoSQL databases topics. I'm a big fan of TDD and clean code too.

The main idea behind the posts published here is based on learn and prove that you understood concept. Concretely it means that the most of time you'll find some theory, usually at the beginning of the post, that later will be followed by some code proofs. I particularly like the idea of learning tests I found in Robert C. Martin book "Clean Code". Shortly speaking, the goal is to test third-part software, something which in TDD we done rarely, with the goal to understand how this software works. Another benefit of it is that you can easily see changes between version. Sometimes this approach is not possible though. In such a case I try to provide another proof like screenshots, videos or metrics.

The topics I focus on may vary on the time. By the past I wrote a lot about Spring, JPA and Hibernate aspects. Now (since 2015) I'm focused more on the data engineering aspects, including NoSQL databases (Cassandra, Elasticsearch), distributed computing (Hadoop, Spark) and public cloud providers (AWS). I'm also publishing some longer forms like e-books that I share with the subscribers of waitingforcode newsletter.

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Let's end this page with the explanation why waitingforcode.com ? When I was thinking about the domain name for this blog, I was listening my favorite playlist. Suddenly, a refrain repeating "waiting for" caught my attention. It was the fragment of Red Hot Chili Peppers song "By the way". Because "waiting for..." plays well with the leitmotif of this blog which is "learn theory and wait for the code proof", I decided to adopt it as the domain name.

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