My name is Bartosz Konieczny and I am a data engineer, involved in different stages of data projects, from the pipelines implementation to their operationalization on the cloud environments.

How can I help you?

It depends - you know already, I'm a consultant ;) More seriously, it depends on the problem you have! I can help with any data engineeringing issues like batch and streaming pipelines implementations with Apache Spark, projects based on AWS, Azure or GCP data services. I will not be the best person if you're looking for solving a Machine Learning problem or implementing a JavaScript-based front-end.

My areas of expertise are:

  • Apache Spark
  • AWS, Azure and GCP data services - I'm certified data engineer on all of these 3 clouds
  • Java, Scala, Python, SQL
  • ops and software craftsmanship in the data software context

What can I bring to your team?

In addition to the aforementioned technologies, I'm a long-life learner, curious to learn and eager to innovate. I like to share my findings publicly on the waitingforcode.com blog. But I'm also doing privately with my teammates by sharing the curated content, preparing internal trainings and actively participating in the code lifecycle.

What did I do last years?

Below you can find the list of the most recent data projects I have been working on:

  • sessionization pipeline with Apache Spark, from the business rules implementation to the pipelines orchestration, on AWS
  • data cleansing pipeline with Apache Spark Structured Streaming on AWS
  • batch data preparation pipeline with Apache Spark SQL on Azure Databricks
  • real-time data visualization pipeline with Event Hub, Azure Functions and PowerBI
  • real-time sessionization pipeline with GCP Dataflow
  • serverless sessionization pipeline with AWS Lambda, DynamoDB and Kinesis Data Streams
  • serverless data routers using AWS Lambda and GCP Dataflow
  • operationalization of Apache Airflow on AWS before the arrival of theManaged Workflows for Apache Airflow service
  • real-time reverse ETL GCP Dataflow streaming job
  • ELT processing with BigQuery and Apache Airflow
  • internal workshops on Apache Airflow, Docker, Pulumi, feature stores
  • online course Become a Data Engineer with a mentoring option

I'm open to new experiences, as long as they stay within the data engineering scope!

OK, we need to chat!

If you think I can bring some extra value to your team and project, let's have a quick chat about it! To start, send me an email with your project at work@waitingforcode.com.