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Apache Airflow gotchas

From time to time I try to help other people on StackOverflow and one of my tagged topics is Apache Airflow. In this blog post I'll try to show you some problems I saw there last few months. Continue Reading →

Apache Airflow and sequential execution

One of patterns that you may implement in batch ETL is sequential execution. It means that the output of one job execution is a part of the input for the next job execution. Even though Apache Airflow comes with 3 properties to deal with the concurrence, you may need another one to avoid bad surprises. Continue Reading →

Testing sensors in Apache Airflow

Unit tests are the backbone of any software, data-oriented included. However testing some parts that way may be difficult, especially when they interact with the external world. Apache Airflow sensor is an example coming from that category. Fortunately, thanks to Python's dynamic language properties, testing sensors can be simplified a lot. Continue Reading →