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What's new in Apache Spark 3.0 - Proleptic Calendar and date time management

When I was writing my blog post about datetime conversion in Apache Spark 2.4, I wanted to check something on Apache Spark's Github. To my surprise, the code had nothing in common with the code I was analyzing locally. And that's how I discovered the first change in Apache Spark 3.0. The first among few others that I will cover in a new series "What's new in Apache Spark 3.0". Continue Reading →

Unions in Apache Spark SQL

You have 2 different datasets and want to process them as a single unit? Maybe you have some legacy data that you need to process alongside the brand new dataset? JOIN is not an option because the goal is to build a single processing unit and not combine the rows. UNION operation can be a good fit for that. Continue Reading →

DAG evolution - using start_date and end_date?

One of the greatest properties in data engineering is idempotency. No matters how many times you will run your pipeline, you will always end up with the same outcome (= 1 file, 1 new table, ...). However, this property may be easily broken when you need to evolve your pipeline. In this blog post, I will verify one possible way to manage it in Apache Airflow. Continue Reading →