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My journey to AWS Certified Big Data specialty

January 10, 2020 I successfully passed my AWS Certified Big Data specialty with the overall score of 82%. Despite the fact that it will be replaced soon (April 2020) by AWS Certified Data Analytics - Specialty, I'd like to share with you my learning process and interesting resources. Continue Reading →

Reorder JOIN optimizer

One of the reasons why I like my blogging activity is that from time to time the exchange is bidirectional. It happens mostly on Github but also on the comments under the post and I appreciate the situation when I don't know the answer and must dig a little to explain it in a blog post :) I wrote this one thanks to bithw1 issue created on my Spark playground repository (thank you for another interesting question btw :)). Continue Reading →

Streams, streams, streams everywhere - JVM side this time

Maybe you didn't like my clickbait title but wanted to test my creativity with it ;) And more seriously, in this post I will cover streams but the ones that you're using in your Scala/Java code rather than the distributed ones provided by Apache Kafka. And I decided to write that because by analyzing a lot of Spark I/O method, I meet streams everywhere and I wanted to shed some light on them. Continue Reading →

Setting up Apache Spark on Kubernetes with microk8s

When I discovered microk8s I was delighted! An easy installation in very few steps and you can start to play with Kubernetes locally (tried on Ubuntu 16). However, running Apache Spark 2.4.4 on top of microk8s is not an easy piece of cake. In this post I will show you 4 different problems you may encounter, and propose possible solutions. Continue Reading →

Apache Kafka idempotent producer

I wrote all posts published this year about Apache Kafka (NIO, max in flight requests) to better understand idempotent producers. In this post I'll try to do that before going further and analyze transactions support. Continue Reading →


At first glance, managing users access in PostgreSQL is easy, you simply execute a CREATE USER, give him some grants, assign a role, and often that's all. However, after some time "permission denied" errors can appear as new objects are created and not owned by the user. To mitigate the maintenance burden for that case, PostgreSQL proposes ALTER DEFAULT privileges operator. Continue Reading →

NIO Selector in Apache Kafka

It's rare when in order to write a blog post I need to cover more than 3 other topics. But that's what happens with Apache Kafka idempotent producer that I will publish soon. But before that, I need to understand and explain NIO Selector, its role in Apache Kafka, and finally the in flight requests. Since the first topic was already covered, I will move to the second one. Continue Reading →

Schema case sensitivity for JSON source in Apache Spark SQL

On the one hand, I appreciate JSON for its flexibility but also from the other one, I hate it for exactly the same thing. It's particularly painful when you work on a project without good data governance. The most popular pain is an inconsistent field type - Spark can manage that by getting the most common type. Unfortunately, it's a little bit trickier for less common problems, for instance when a same field has different case sensitivity. Continue Reading →