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EXISTS operator in SQL

Years ago when I started to work as a software engineer, I was overusing IN/NOT IN operator. One day, one of my colleagues suggested me to replace it in some queries by EXISTS/NOT EXISTS. And it helped to improve the performances of these queries. If among you are some people like "me years ago", I prepared this short post introducing to EXISTS/NOT EXISTS operator by comparing it to IN/NOT IN one. Continue Reading →

Testing sensors in Apache Airflow

Unit tests are the backbone of any software, data-oriented included. However testing some parts that way may be difficult, especially when they interact with the external world. Apache Airflow sensor is an example coming from that category. Fortunately, thanks to Python's dynamic language properties, testing sensors can be simplified a lot. Continue Reading →

randomSplit implementation in Apache Spark SQL

Several weeks ago when I was checking new "apache-spark" tagged questions on StackOverflow I found one that caught my attention. The author was saying that randomSplit method doesn't divide the dataset equally and after merging back, the number of lines was different. Even though I wasn't able to answer at that moment, I decided to investigate this function and find possible reasons for that error. Continue Reading →

Idempotent consumer with AWS DynamoDB streams

In my previous post I presented an implementation of idempotent consumer pattern with Apache Cassandra CDC. One of drawbacks of that solution was the necessity of producing the messages with slower lightweight transactions. In this post I will show you how to do the same with AWS DynamoDB streams and without that constraint. Continue Reading →