Apache Airflow tips

CLI tips

When you don't have the GUI, you must do things with the command line. This category groups the commands you can use without the graphical interface.

Docker tips

Eclipse tips

To code faster and better, Eclipse is one of some respectable solutions. But in some situations it's used inefficencly. Thanks to this part, you can look at some tips to accelerate the coding process with keybord shortcuts.

Elasticsearch tips

Git tips

Google Guava tips

Groovy tips

Hibernate tips

Interesting tips about Hibernate, Java persistence framework project, are included in this part. You can find here the informations about quyering but also about other data operations with Hibernate.

IntelliJ tips

Jackson tips

Java tips

Java tips: how to create a fixed-size list, what is the difference between mkdir and mkdirs File methods or tips for better use regular expressions... You can find more of Java programming tips in this part.

Linux tips

Linux shortcuts and some other tips about using Linux.

Maven tips

For better dependency management, Maven appears as a ideal solution. Thanks to Maven programming tips, you can see how to use it effectively, for example in continuous integration environment.

MySQL tips

As a respected relationnal database management system solution, MySQL is used with a lot of projects. This part contains some of specific informations about it.

Neo4j tips

Play Framework tips

PostgreSQL tips

PySpark tips

PySpark is Python API for Apache Spark. Usually it's quite easy to write the code but it's always good to have close some ready-to-use recipes for the tricky parts.

Python tips

Redshift tips

Scala tips

Spark tips

Apache Spark is a data processing framework adopted to batch and streaming processing. Usually it's quite easy to write Spark jobs. It's always good to have close some ready-to-use recipes.

Spark SQL tips

Apache Spark SQL is a subproject of Apache Spark data processing framework. It helps to write batch-oriented programs dealing with structured data. Since the library is rich, it's difficult to know all shortcuts or methods. This tips section groups some of useful but maybe rarely used Spark SQL operations and other points about this module.

Spring tips

The informations destined to developers using Spring Framework. You can find here the tips about Spring Framework project, but also about other family member projects, as Spring Security, Spring Data and so on.

SQL tips

SQL is one of the major languages in the data processing. Having some smart commands for the asking can be very helpful in the daily work.

Structured Streaming tips

Structured Streaming is an Apache Spark module to work with streaming data.

Testing tips

Once started, testing is easy. After all it's mainly the story about right assertions and big coverage. But sometimes it's much more and concerns proper mocking, context separation and so on. This tips section shows some of quick advises that can be used in tests

Time transformation tips

Every serious language provides its own library to facilitate the work with date and time. However the provided solutions are sometimes the traps or must be mixed in order to respond to the program expectation. This part contains useful tips in date time transformations