Apache Spark scalability articles

Apache Spark on Kubernetes - init containers

Initialization is a very first step of almost all applications. Unsurprisingly it's also the case of Kubernetes that uses Init Containers to execute some setup operations before launching the pods.

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Apache Spark on Kubernetes - global overview

Last years are the symbol of popularization of Kubernetes. Thanks to its replication and scalability properties it's more and more often used in distributed architectures. Apache Spark, through a special group of work, integrates Kubernetes steadily. In current (2.3.1) version this new method to schedule jobs is integrated in the project as experimental feature.

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What Kubernetes can bring to Apache Spark pipelines ?

Commercial version of Apache Spark distributed by Databricks offers a serverless and auto-scalable approach for the applications written in this framework. Among the time some other companies tried to provide similar alternatives, going even to put Apache Spark pipelines into AWS Lambda functions. But with the version 2.3.0 another alternative appears as a solution for scalability and elasticity overhead - Kubernetes.

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