How to clear an array ?

By setting an object to null, we marks it as able to be garbage collected. But to avoid bad surprises, we should also clear the collections. With a collections being part of java.util package, we can simply invoke clear method. But what to do in the case of arrays ? They are some possible solutions:

public class ClearArrayTest {

	public void test() {
		// first case => set array's size to 0 if it's not final
		String[] arrayToClear = new String[] {"A", "B"};
		arrayToClear = new String[0];
		assertTrue("Array should be empty", arrayToClear.length == 0);
		// second case => fill nulls inside a final array; Thanks to it, all its objects will be garbage collectable
		final String[] otherArray = new String[] {"C", "D"};
		Arrays.fill(otherArray, null);
		for (String letter : otherArray) {
			assertTrue("letter should be null", letter == null);


Thanks to these methods, if any another objects points to the content of arrays, they will be garbage collectables and the arrays empty.