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Google Guava cache suppliers

Sometimes we need to cache only singular object, without associating it with any key. In this case the use of Guava's LoadingCache is not well adapted. But fortunately, Guava provides another objects to deal with this situation - Suppliers. Continue Reading →

Google Guava : cache

Google Guava provides a lot of programming shortcuts. It contains a simplified version of String and primitives management. These features seem a little bit basic. However, Google's library simplifies also the work with more complex stuff as cache. Continue Reading →

Google Guava: input/output operations

Working with files in Java, and more precisely, reading file streams, was always a little bit complicated. It's the reason why each new version of Java contains some improvements for that. And Google Guava, once again, appears as an alternative. Continue Reading →

Google Guava: event bus

In two previous articles we discovered key concepts and concurrency features of Google Guava. Both of them simplify the programming. Another useful thing of this library is a message dispatching system called event bus. Continue Reading →