Java I/O articles

Streams, streams, streams everywhere - JVM side this time

Maybe you didn't like my clickbait title but wanted to test my creativity with it ;) And more seriously, in this post I will cover streams but the ones that you're using in your Scala/Java code rather than the distributed ones provided by Apache Kafka. And I decided to write that because by analyzing a lot of Spark I/O method, I meet streams everywhere and I wanted to shed some light on them.

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Handling multiple I/O from one thread with NIO Selector

That's the next post I wrote after my unsuccessful analysis of Apache Kafka source. When I was reading the part responsible for sending requests to the broker, I found that it was partially managed by a Java package that I've never seen before. And that will be the topic of this post.

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Watching files with WatchService

Java introduces more and more event-driven features. One of them is WatchService which allows to handle files-related events.

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