Play Framework articles


Tests in Play Framework

Until now we were writing our store without tests, in the goal to quickly discover some of Play basic features. However, a code without tests is as a car without wheels. It will exist but will be driveless. The code without tests exists too, but it less evolutionary than the code well covered by the tests. Continue Reading →

Forms and validation in Play Framework

When user can't interact with the application, he loses the interest for it. It's why forms and other input methods are a useful to satisfy the final user demand. Play Framework also supports operations on forms, as generation from POJO or dynamic validation with annotations. Continue Reading →

Sessions in Play Framework

In our's Play application, user can navigate on the site, add several products to his shopping cart and, at the end, terminate his shopping. As in all "classical" web applications, in Play this persistence is possible thanks to sessions. Continue Reading →

Introduction to Play Framework

When we build webapps, we can think that all of them can be constructed with Spring framework and its related projects. It's right, but which programmer is satisfied by knowing only one framework or only one programming language ? It's why we'll explore here another way to deploying web applications, the deploying with Play Framework. Continue Reading →