Scala async articles


Promises in Scala

The Futures appear as the first element to learn of Scala's asynchronous world. They're quite simple and probably exist in the languages you have been working on before. But they're not the single asynchronous types in Scala because they are accompanied by Promises covered in this post. Continue Reading →

Work-stealing in Scala

When I was reading about the Await implementation in Scala, I found a method called blocking. At that time I've read some articles to understand it but I hadn't a chance to play with it. Now it's the case and I will share my findings with you. Continue Reading →

Scala Futures

With increasing number of computation power, the parallel computing gained the popularity during the last years. Java's concurrent package is one of the proofs for that. But Scala, even though it's able to work with Java's concurrent features, comes also with its own mechanisms. Futures are one of them. Continue Reading →