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Splitters and aggregators

With more and more data to send, enterprise integration applications can become less and less usable if code and architecture don't evolve. Beside these two key elements to improve growing system performances, Spring Integration provides another one, called messages splitting and aggregation. Continue Reading →


Beside static-looking XML configuration, Spring Integration provides some dynamic mechanisms. One of them is routing which allows one message to be received by dynamically resolved message channel. Continue Reading →


In one from first articles about Spring Integration we discovered the idea of conversion service. However, it's not only one element which can change message from one format to another one. The second element is message transformer, in integration world known also as message translator. Continue Reading →

Priority channel and message store

From previous articles we could deduce that Spring Integration was a pretty basic enterprise integration framework. However, in this article we'll discover some of its features proving that it hides a lot of advanced features: messages prioritization and messages persistence. Continue Reading →

Introduction to Spring Integration

Spring integration is a Spring-family project illustrating well the idea of enterprise integration patterns. To understand better this Spring project, we'll write some test cases to show how they work. This article will introduce the basic concepts of Spring Integration. Continue Reading →