Conflict-free Replicated Data Types articles

Articles tagged with Conflict-free Replicated Data Types. There are 4 article(s) corresponding to the tag Conflict-free Replicated Data Types. If you don't find what you're looking for, please check related tags: Ad-hoc polymorphism, Akka Distributed Data, Akka examples, Apache Spark 2.4.0 features, Apache Spark data sources, Apache Spark elasticity, Apache Spark internals, Apache Spark scalability, Apache Spark SQL subquery, Apache Spark Structured Streaming joins.

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ACID 2.0

ACID is a well-known acronym for almost all developers growing with the RDBMS as the main storage. However with the popularization of NoSQL and distributed computing, another ACID acronym appeared - ACID 2.0. Continue Reading →

Conflict-Free Replicated Data Type

Pessimistic replication requires a synchronous communication between the main node writing the data and the replicas. However in some cases the optimistic replication can be more efficient and still guarantee the same final result. One of solutions from this category are conflict-free replicated data types. Continue Reading →