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Articles tagged with Gnocchi. There are 6 article(s) corresponding to the tag Gnocchi. If you don't find what you're looking for, please check related tags: Apache Spark 2.4.0 features, Apache Spark data sources, Apache Spark elasticity, Apache Spark internals, Apache Spark scalability, Apache Spark SQL subquery, Apache Spark Structured Streaming joins, AWS certification, AWS EC2, Big Data patterns implemented.

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Sacks - data parallelization unit in Gnocchi

To facilitate parallel processing Apache Spark and Apache Kafka have their concept of partitions, Apache Beam works with bundles and Gnocchi deals with sacks. Despite the different naming, the sacks are the same for Gnocchi as the partitions for Spark or Kafka - the unit of work parallelization. Continue Reading →

Carbonara storage format

Even though carbonara is mostly known as an Italian pasta dish, in the context of Gnocchi it means completely different thing. Carbonara is the name of time points storage format in Gnocchi. Continue Reading →

Gnocchi architecture

Understanding the architecture is the key of working properly with any distributed system. It's why the series of post about Gnocchi starts by exploring its components. Continue Reading →

Choosing time-series database for study

In order to learn a new thing, nothing better than try it. However in some cases the choice of the tool to study is not easy. It's especially true in the context of data storage and though also in the context of time-series databases introduced in one of previous posts. Continue Reading →