Scala immutable collections articles

The day I was punished by the mutability

As a former Java engineer, when I have started to work with Scala, I was very early punished for my bad habits about mutable collections. In this post I will show you the story which learned me to prefer the immutability everywhere it's possible.

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Stream safely in Scala

Scala Stream offers something we have not a habit to see in other languages - lazy computation of the values alongside the memoization. However it's sometimes misleading and some people think about Streams as about iterators, i.e. a data structure computing and forgetting about the results. Such thinking can often lead to memory problems, especially with infinite streams.

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Collections complexity in Scala - immutable collections

Using the right tool at the right time is important in every domain. It's particularly useful in the case of collections that can have different complexity for writing and reading. And very often this difference can dictate the use of one specific implementation.

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