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Bipartite graph recommendation example

When I was analyzing the API of Gelly, I was quite surprised for its support of bipartite graphs. First, because I didn't know that data structure and second because it wasn't supported in other analyzed frameworks. Hence, I added that graph structure to my backlog and sometime later wrote a post to explain it better. Continue Reading →

Visualizing Apache Spark GraphX data processing with websockets and cytoscape.js

For a long time, I've wanted to make a small real-time data visualization application with the use of websockets and some fancy JavaScript visualization framework. And the moment went when I was preparing the execution schemas to illustrate distributed graph algorithms covered in Graph algorithms in distributed world - part 1 post. I used there static images combined together but it was quite painful. Because of that, I decided to check whether it's possible to do in a more programmatic way. Continue Reading →