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Reorder JOIN optimizer - star schema

I didn't know that join reordering is quite interesting, though complex, topic in Apache Spark SQL. The queries not only can be transformed into the ones using JOIN ... ON clauses. They can also be reordered accordingly to the star schema which we'll try to see in this post. Continue Reading →

Reorder JOIN optimizer

One of the reasons why I like my blogging activity is that from time to time the exchange is bidirectional. It happens mostly on Github but also on the comments under the post and I appreciate the situation when I don't know the answer and must dig a little to explain it in a blog post :) I wrote this one thanks to bithw1 issue created on my Spark playground repository (thank you for another interesting question btw :)). Continue Reading →

Spark SQL Cost-Based Optimizer

Prior to Spark 2.2.0 release, the data processing was based on a set of heuristic rules ignoring the typology of the data. But the most recent release brought a tool well known from the RDBMS world that is a Cost-Based Optimizer. Continue Reading →