Data+AI Summit 2022 retrospective - part 2

Yesterday I shared with you the human part of my Data+AI Summit. It's time now to give you my takeaways from the technical talks.

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Unfortunately, I didn't see all the talks live. The Summit was my first in-person event of that size since Spark+AI Summit 2019 and was a rare chance to see many of my "virtual" friends IRL. Not knowing when will be the next occasion, I've decided to spend some time outside the talks and catch up on them offline, a bit like a batch layer in the Lambda architecture ;)

Data engineering

Apache Spark

Delta Lake

Of course, the sessions quoted here are only my "picks". Once again, I wish I could slow down the time to watch some extra talks. But as you know, I'm only a data engineer and don't know how to defy the laws of physics.

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