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Kafka timestamp as the watermark

In the first version of my demo application I used Kafka's timestamp field as the watermark. At that moment I was exploring the internals of arbitrary stateful processing so it wasn't a big deal. But just in case if you're wondering what I didn't keep that for the official demo version, I wrote this article. Continue Reading →

Reprocessing stateful data pipelines in Structured Streaming

During my talk, I insisted a lot on the reprocessing part. Maybe because it's the less pleasant part to work with. After all, we all want to test new pipelines rather than reprocess the data because of some regressions in the code or any other errors. Despite that, it's important to know how Structured Streaming integrates with this data engineering task. Continue Reading →

DataFrame or Dataset to solve sessionization problem?

When I was preparing the demo code for my talk about sessionization at Spark AI Summit 2019 in Amsterdam, I wrote my first version of code with DataFrame abstraction. I hadn't type safety but the data manipulation was quite clear thanks to the mapping. Later, I tried to rewrite the code with Dataset and I got type safety but sacrificed a little bit of clarity. Let me deep delve into that in this post. Continue Reading →

State store 101

After checkpointing, it's time to start a new chapter of Spark Summit AI 2019 preparation posts. And in this new chapter I will describe the state store. It's the first of 3 articles about this important part of the stateful processing. Continue Reading →

Checkpoint storage in Structured Streaming

At the moment of writing this post I'm preparing the content for my first Spark Summit talk about solving sessionization problem in batch or streaming. Since I'm almost sure that I will be unable to say everything I prepared, I decided to take notes and transform them into blog posts. You're currently reading the first post from this series (#Spark Summit 2019 talk notes). Continue Reading →