Apache Spark Structured Streaming articles

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Stream-to-stream state management

Last weeks we've discovered 2 stream-to-stream join types in Apache Spark Structured Streaming. As told in these posts, state management logic may be sometimes omitted (for inner joins) but generally it's advised to reduce the memory pressure. Apache Spark proposes 3 different state management strategies that will be detailed in the following sections. Continue Reading →

Analyzing Structured Streaming Kafka integration - Kafka source

Spark 2.2.0 brought the change of structured streaming state. Between 2.0 and 2.2.0 it was marked as "alpha". But the last version changed this status to General Availability. It's so a good moment to start to play with this new feature - even if some basics have already been covered in the post about structured streaming. This time we'll go deeper and analyze the integration with Apache Kafka that will be helpful to Continue Reading →

Structured streaming

Project Tungsten, explained in one of previous posts, brought a lot of optimizations - especially in terms of memory use. Until now it was essentially used by Spark SQL and Spark MLib projects. However, since 2.0.0, some work was done to integrate DataFrame/Dataset in streaming processing (Spark Streaming). Continue Reading →