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Output invalidation pattern with time travel

Some time ago I wrote a blog post about output invalidation pattern using immutable time-based tables. Today, even though I planned to start to explore new ACID-compliant file formats only by the end of this year, I decided to cheat a little (curiosity beat me) and try to adapt the pattern to one of these formats and use time travel feature to guarantee data consistency. Continue Reading →

Timestamp-based lookup in Apache Kafka

The next thing I wanted to understand while still working on transactions was the lookup. I can imagine how to get the first or the last element of a partition but I had no idea how it can work for more fine-grained access, like the one using timestamp. Continue Reading →

Apache Spark's _SUCESS anatomy

_SUCCESS file generated by Apache Spark SQL when you successfully generate a dataset, is often a big question for newcomers. Why does the framework need this file? How is it generated? I will cover these aspects in this article. Continue Reading →

Data validation frameworks - Deequ and Apache Griffin overview

Poor data quality is the reason for big pains of data workers. Data engineers need often to deal with JSON inconsistent schemes, data analysts have to figure out dataset issues to avoid biased reportings whereas data scientists have to spend a big amount of time preparing data for training instead of dedicating this time on model optimization. That's why having a good tool to control data quality is very important. Continue Reading →

Corrupted records aka poison pill records in Apache Spark Structured Streaming

Some time ago I watched an interesting Devoxx France 2019 talk about poison pills in streaming systems presented by Loïc Divad. I learned a few interesting patterns like sentinel value that may help to deal with corrupted data but the talk was oriented on Kafka Streams. And since I didn't find a corresponding resource for Apache Spark Structured Streaming [and also because I'm simply an Apache Spark enthusiast ;)], I decided to write one trying to implement Loïc's ideas in the Structured Streaming world. Continue Reading →

Apache Airflow gotchas

From time to time I try to help other people on StackOverflow and one of my tagged topics is Apache Airflow. In this blog post I'll try to show you some problems I saw there last few months. Continue Reading →

DataFrames for analytics - Glue DynamicFrame

When I came to the data world, I had no idea what the data governance was. One of the tools which helped me to understand that was AWS Glue. I had a chance to work on it again during my AWS Big Data specialty exam preparation and that's at this moment I asked myself - "DynamicFrames?! What's the difference with DataFrames?" In this post I'll try to shed light on it. Continue Reading →

Reorder JOIN optimizer - star schema

I didn't know that join reordering is quite interesting, though complex, topic in Apache Spark SQL. The queries not only can be transformed into the ones using JOIN ... ON clauses. They can also be reordered accordingly to the star schema which we'll try to see in this post. Continue Reading →

My journey to AWS Certified Big Data specialty

January 10, 2020 I successfully passed my AWS Certified Big Data specialty with the overall score of 82%. Despite the fact that it will be replaced soon (April 2020) by AWS Certified Data Analytics - Specialty, I'd like to share with you my learning process and interesting resources. Continue Reading →